Monday, November 11, 2013

Yearbook Photos

We are scheduled to take our photos for the yearbook tomorrow, November 12th! Get your smiles ready.

Ms. Melanie

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Recent Learning in the Classroom

We've been busy learning about procedural texts and their uses. Students are currently working on creating a how-to video about a topic of their choice using iMovie. If Ms. Melanie can figure out how to share them on Blogger, you can see their work soon. The backup option is to send a flash drive to school and I'll copy them for you. The finished product should be available by the end of the week.
Mehak and Methsala putting the pieces together

Martin and Ian solved the puzzle by putting the steps in the correct order

Math work - learning about area and perimeter with geoboards

Ian collects data about cupcake decorations and flavors
 Our business planning is well underway. Last week students did a bit of market research to find out about the wants and needs of their peers.
Lots and lots of questions - Alina records some information she has gathered

Grab a Good Book and Read!

On Friday, October 25th, we participated in the Readathon. It was organized by the Student Action Council as part of the ongoing celebration of IST's 50th birthday.

Our Kindergarten Buddies

We are buddy classrooms with Ms. King's kindergarten class this year. We have met to read with each other and share our writing.


Ready? It's showtime!

 3W teamed up with 3R to share their knowledge from our human body unit. They sang an awesome rap, Our Body Systems, that was composed and arranged by Ms. Natalie. It was a hit, and I still get the song stuck in my head when I think about it. I'm sure the third graders will not soon forget the functions of each system they sang about and performed actions to represent.
Naomi takes the stage for her solo rap

3W showing some attitude

Time to Catch Up on Happenings in 3W!

October flew by without any posts, but the fun and learning was definitely taking place in and out of the classroom. Here are some highlights from the past few weeks.

The third graders experienced their first Interhouse sports event. Each house showed their spirit by sporting their house colors and chanting their house cheer with great enthusiasm.
Team Nyati
Team Tembo

Cherry clears the high jump

Team Kifaru

Team Mamba
Great jump, Naomi!

Alisa and Alina representing Team Mamba

Ian and Thomas watching the action

Zayed cheers for Nyati

Martin runs for Nyati

Caleb and Richard supporting Team Kifaru

Time for the long jump - You're up, Methsala!

The ladies of Team Nyati

Thanks to our marvelous PE teachers for organizing a terrific morning!